Dj Less

8 years ago, with only 17 years of age, Less was one of the very first female local DJs to take over Cabo with EDM influences. In the following year she had the opportunity to play at some of the most important spots in town such as: Mandala, Baja Junkie, Pink Kitty, Skypool, Knotty, No Worries, Red and countless private parties. She left cabo in pursuit of her other passion as a Fashion Designer for performers. but that didn’t stop her from doing what she loved the most, DJing and live performing (singing) in LA and countless fashion shows all over Puebla City. in 2017 she finally made it back to Cabo, more ready than ever to take this city back. She’s been hitting some of the most popular and exclusive venues of these days, such as: Breathless Resorts, Mixology, Chileno Bay and Costa Palmas, more into Deep House, Indie Dance and Techno vibes, but still keepping a secret love for some good EDM. Less is currently working on producing new original songs having as her goal to start traveling all over the American continent showing the world what she can do.