About me

I was born in Boulder, Colorado and I was raised in a small town near the Rocky Mountains. My father was a nature photographer, but the photography did not become my passion until much later on.

When I was 17 I travelled around Europe and I fell in love with European culture. When I arrived to Barcelona I knew I found my place. I met my wife in Barcelona and in 2015 we decided to move to her home town La Paz Mexico where we got married.

My photography style is based in the naturality of the moment being captured and the feeling in which it was experienced. You will not find a list of posed pictures but more unique moments in each session that expresses who you are. A wedding is much more than just an event, the day you have been planning for a long time, it is a day that changes the rest of your life and you want to relive it, not only in pretty pictures, but pictures that capture the emotion of your wedding.

For me it is essential the trust and relationship I have with my clients. It is the base in which I am able to capture the true feeling of their personality and the way they intertwine with one another, and can express who they really are, for this reason I always strive to give my clients more than just a photo-shoot, rather an experience in places they have never seen before to get them out of the ordinary, to be able to relax, and enjoy the session.

I am now working as a destination wedding photographer and as well lifestyle, fashion and artistic nude photographer, capturing the beauty of the human body in its natural form.